Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 49/50/whatever Kiltman Kilts Review!

Here's a little about the company:

1) How long have you been making and selling kilts?
We have been making and selling kilts for over 5 years.  We spent two years in design because we were all about the pockets and coming up with our patented pocket design took awhile.

2) What got you started in kilts? Wearing them or selling them.
We were selling Utilikilts.  My husband and son wore them and they loved them and got lots of compliments and people would just even want to have their picture taken with them so I knew the power of the kilt. And we sold them faster than we could get them.  We had to pay 50% up front and wait over 90 days for our shipment.  They treated us like dogs.  We sold a lot of the survival kilt and people digged the pockets so we keyed our design around that. My son really pushed me to continue on.  I wanted the pocket system and until we came up with the clips we stalled for a couple of years.

3) What is the one thing your company does better than anyone else sellingkilts?
Our pocket system is really cool.  It feeds on the uniqueness of a kilt and adds a versatility that no other kilt company has or even a pant wholesaler has.  Both the StreetKilt and the PubKilt have the slash trouser pocket that men love.  And two cargo pockets in the back.  And the two attachment areas for the detachable interchangeable clip on pocket.  And with the clipping system you could add another pocket on your belt if you were going pocket crazy!  We have six detachable pockets at this time and plan for more. WE like to say "we give good pocket".  And I think we live up to that. 

4) Anything else we should know about your kilts, company, or philosophy?
We love and appreciate our customer.  We want them to be happy.  If there is a problem with snap or a size we take care of it.  Our customers make a big difference for our small business and we want each one to feel appreciated and satisfied.  We want new pocket applications and ideas so feedback and involvement is important.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts or suggestions!  We just want to fine tune and make our kilt better and better!

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