Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Lets talk about.... socks

I've been buying cheap, Target or whatever (Hanes) black socks for ages.
Somehow, they are all failing at the same time, with big ugly holes where my big toes go.
It isn't like I have big gnarly toenails or anything... I don't know why my socks keep exploding.

So, instead of continuing to buy cheap horrible socks, I have switched entirely to SmartWool socks.
Granted, they are 10x more expensive than shitty normal socks, but WOW they make a big difference.

As long as they hold up for at least 6 months at a time, I'll probably continue to buy them.

What socks do you wear?


  1. Obviously not a daily kilt wearer, but I've had some Nike half calf cotton socks that have lasted for a long time inside of motorcycle boots, combat/trooper boots and work boots. I even used them as "business casual" socks before they faded. Alas, they need to be tossed, and they don't make'em like the used to. I share your frustration.

    For kilting (always fairly casual - never "formal") I've tried a few types/brands of hose, but settled in with Corgi lovat hose, supposedly worn by the kilt wearing regiments in the British army. They've worked well pushed down with my trooper boots as well as pulled up with flashes for a more refined look with boots or nicer shoes. I've worn these with my wool American Heritage and PV Scottish National Tartan kilts. I'll probably also use them with the pre-owned mint condition Utilikilt I scored pretty cheap off Craigslist last week (I've only worn that one around the house and walking around the neighborhood in running shoes thus far).

    PROS: They look good pulled up or pushed down, the color seems pretty versatile, they are Scottish made, unique look - I don't think a lot of people are wearing these, and,if they good enough for the soldiers...

    CONS: Hot in warm weather (but I still wear them), They can scrunch up a bit in the toe sometimes (I have narrow feet and my trooper boots are like caverns), they are wool so they need more delicate washing treatment, you won't want to throw them in a the dryer - I lay mine flat on the bed under the ceiling fan and turn them every once in a while... doesn't take too long for them to dry IMHO.

    Perhaps these might suit you for the occasions where you dress the ilt up one or two notches from everyday wear.

    I do need some more casual sock and footwear options. Smartwool might be worth a try. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hello! I must say how pleased I am to read your blog and how interested I am in the adventure. I'm a recent convert to kilt wearing and am trying to wear one most of the time. I'm a teacher and have started a Kilted Friday tradition at school but wear trousers for the other four days. Anyway, I have tall, preferably wool, boot-socks that I wear with my 1914 Dr Martens and other similarly-sized boots. I also have a pair of Minnetonka knee-high boots that I prefer to socks and smaller boots. Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont and are ... darn tough! They're FABULOUS and are very long-lasting ... IMHO outperforming Smartwool. Based on a review here, I recently purchased a pair of those 3/4 long socks from Utilikilts.

    Keep up the good work, Matt.

  3. I recently had a kilt night at a pub in North Houston. I knew it was going to be a cold night so I bought some thick boot socks for my bates combat boots. They made a huge difference. Real tree brand, they are supposed to be a wool blend (probably 15%). I think they were $11 for 2 pair. I spent a good amount of time outside and it got to the low 30's and my feet were warm all night.