Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 23 - Sitting in the Kilt

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  1. Many guys find it difficult to site with their legs together. More so if they have large thighs. So the recommended way of sitting is legs apart with the sporran and kilt apron tucked between the legs. Videos on sitting in a kilt show this. I don’t have that problem. I can sit with my legs together as long as I had my legs together while standing just before sitting down. When in a group of people I tend to site with my legs together. I feel like I have better control that way and nothing is going to show. As you have found some kilts drop between the legs better than others. So if you are going to sit the “normal’ way get in the habit of tucking the apron down between the legs. Make this the second hand motion. The first being to sweep the pleats so you don’t bunch them up when sitting.

    Some years back I attended a kilt night where we had about ten kilted gents meet for dinner. During the event we decided we needed a group picture. One side of the bar was open so we all sat on the bar stools and asked a lady near us to take our picture with our cameras. We are all sitting facing the photographer on bar stools. Pictures were taken and the cameras passed around so we could all see the shot. One of the guys had a look of horror on his face. His legs were apart but his kilt had not dropped very far. Fortunately it had dropped just enough so nothing was caught on the photo. The photographer was standing. I am sure if someone was sitting at the table facing him they may have had surprise shot. Later one of the photos was placed on Facebook. I am the only one sitting with legs together. A woman commented on the photo that only one of us knew how to sit. She was talking about me with my legs together. The others corrected her and said I was actually sitting incorrectly. Correct for a skirt but wrong for a kilt. Well, ok, whatever. I will keep my knees together. I have a heavy duck cotton utility type kilt that I must keep my legs together. That thing is so stiff it will not drop for love nor money.

    Now for a pet peeve of mine. When sitting make sure you sweep the pleats. When with a group of kilted guys I see several that do a half ass sweep or none at all. So the kilt gets bunched up under them. When they stand up the kilt is all bunched up and many times does not immediately drop back down. So off they go walking with the kilt bunched up around their butt. To make sure I have not done this I am in the habit now of quickly sweeping my hand around the back of the kilt to make sure it is not bunched up.

    I am enjoying your videos and comments.