Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Year of the Kilt Week 20 Video (late!)

Sorry guys, I shot this on deadline but forgot to upload it. Whoops!

I've been getting some action... from the TSA ;-)

I wore a kilt through multiple airport security checkpoints, and generally enjoyed it!

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  1. I have made one airline trip in the kilt a couple years ago. Three legs of that trip in both directions. I wore a USAKilt casual. This is a light weight PV kilt with Velcro. No metal at all. I don’t recall if I had on a belt but I did have the Sporran with its belt. As for shoes I wore regular kilt hose and low shoes. I figured they would be easier to have on then heavy boots I normally wear in a casual situation. Also easier to take off and on at the check points. Before getting to the checkpoint I put the sporran in my carry-on bag with its belt. Leaving Dayton no issues, no comments. Went right through the checkpoint without any apparent attention to the kilt. As I got farther west and went through another check point the lady TSA agent commented that she and her male counterpart commented between themselves who was going to pat me down if the alarm went off. Nothing got their attention so no pat down. She did ask if I had the “little knife” which I did not. She said good as she would not have wanted to take that away from me. One of the check points was in Western Canada. I got the feeling that in Vancover they saw a lot of kilts. Again no pat down and good comments from TSA.

    Upon arriving back in Dayton another passenger approached me. He said he remembered me on the outbound flight to Chicago the week earlier. He had left on the same flight. His final destination was South Korea.

    The kilt was a conversation starter on the entire trip. I will travel again in a kilt but will make sure it is the USAKilt casual. Having no metal and not a heavy kilt made a big difference. Of course if it is in the middle of winter, and not summer, I may have to reconsider the weight of the kilt because of the cold.