Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week 15 Video - Traveling in the Kilt(?)

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  1. When traveling by air I wear a kilt with Velcro and not snaps or buckles. That keeps the alarms from going off through the security check point. Kilts that fit this requirement are the USA casual Kllt and Sports Kilt. They are light weight so better for summer travel. I have had no issues in the kilt at the airport. Some jokes by the she security folks. A few asked if I had the “little knife” which I never carry while traveling. I don’t mind taking off the sporran going through the check point. Just keep your eye on it so someone does not pick it up taking your wallet inside. I guess the only real issue I have had with traveling by car or air is the long period of time sitting. That tends to mess up the pleats on the kilt. I prefer the PV material which will be found on the Velcro fastened kilts. I have never traveled outside of the US/Canada in the kilt. I understand your concern with Ireland and Scotland wearing the kilt all the time. I think Scotland would be worst as the locals would look at you thinking “oh look, an American trying to be Scottish”. So I would tend to leave the kilt for evening pub outings.