Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 14 Video -- Tartan Week and WIND

I'm not doing anything special for Tartan Week, but I know some other people are!


Chris's info on The Kilted Biker (good for you, Chris!)

A few pages/accounts I follow these days: -- these guys put up a couple great articles recently on quality kiltmaking. Great reading.

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  1. I use to avoid the kilt on very windy days but no longer. I may choose one type of kilt over another because of the wind. For example I have a leather Unionkilt. It is a stiff heavy leather. The wind does not move that much. As far as the wind reviling too much I found that I think it is blowing around more than it actually is. If wearing a tartan kilt with a sporran that will keep the front from blowing up and reveling something that should not be. As for the back the fell stitching will limit that somewhat but you could flash some back side but I am not too concerned about it. One thing I do make sure of is that I have at least one arm free. In my early kilt days I walked out of a grocery store on a windy day with two bags in my arms. I had no free hands to control the kilt. It blew around a lot and I had no way of using my hands to control it. With both arms free you can always hold your arms down along your side. That will keep the kilt under control.

    One reason I don’t worry about the wind as much as I use to is from watching the ladies in the wind. One day I saw this young lady in a short summer dress on a windy day. She was not holding her hands on the dress to keep it down. Much to my disappointment it never blew up. The material just wrapped around her legs. So if she can wear that light weight skirt without the wind blowing up over her head then I should be able to wear a much longer and heavier kilt without it going over my head.

    I have wondered why my kilt tends to lift up when I get out of my car. This occurs even in calm days in the heat of the summer. I guess it is hot air from under the car rising and that fills the kilt and lifts it up a bit. More of an issue in the lighter weight PV kilts I like to wear in the summer. Also more of an issue with my van over the smaller car.