Thursday, March 5, 2015

Year of the Kilt - Week 9 video!

Can you believe it's been 9 weeks so far? WOWZA!


A couple photos from this week's shenanigans, out adventuring in my kilts.

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  1. I hear many excuses why someone won’t wear a kilt. Carrying items is one of them. As someone, like you, that wears the kilt most of the time these reasons are not based in fact but rather an excuse for their fear of wearing a “skirt”. I have been wearing a kilt to various degrees for at least seven years. I am also a person that carries way too much stuff. I have been getting better at it over the past few years. So let’s examine what I can carry in pants vs the kilt. With pants I would carry: keys, wallet, change purse (one of those squishy rubber things), Bluetooth earphone that sticks in your ear, little wired ear buds, and smartphone. Sometimes I might have a few tissues stuffed in a pocket and maybe a stick of lip balm. So now comes the kilt and let’s say a tartan kilt as it has no pockets so a Sporran is required. My sporran of choice for everything but a well-dressed occasion is the Stillwater Nightstalker Sporran. I don’t see it on their website now so maybe it is no longer available. An alternative would be the Carry-All Sporran from Freedomkilts. Looking in my Nightstalker right now I have: Smartphone (a BIG Samsung Note 4), Bluetooth stick in your ear, little cloth bag with wired ear bud headset, ballpoint pen, wallet, little squishy coin purse, spiral bound 5” x 3” notepad, a few “Wet Ones” hand wipes (individually wrapped), a couple of tissues, business cards (a few of mine and a few for kilt vendors such as USAkilts), a couple of bandaids, a little 12 volt A23S battery (what the heck is that for?). Gosh, that is more than I can get in pants pockets. As for car keys they go on a hanger on my kilt belt. Even in pants I use that same belt key hanger for keys. Keeps the keys from damaging the pockets over time. For a utility type kilt the installed pockets would provide even more places to carry stuff then pants. I also have some leather pouches that hang on the kilt belt but I have not used them for years. These are about the size of an iPhone. As for that big Note 4 smartphone it does not fit in most of my pants pockets. I have a pouch that hangs on my pants belt for it. As for my other sporran for well-dressed occasion it does not have the room for much. So that one just carries my wallet, coin purse, and that is about all. I have been able to stuff the Note 4 smartphone in it but that takes some effort. So, yes, you can carry as much in a kilt as you can pants with the proper choice of Sporran or a utility type kilt.