Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mud in a kilt

Offroading this last weekend, we managed to get my buddy's Tacoma stuck in some serious mud. I was wearing my typical camping kilt, which is fashioned after the Great Kilts of old. Essentially just 5 yards of fabric pleated up and belted on. It works great as a blanket, kilt, shade, tablecloth, and anything else you could use 5 yards of fabric for. 

I ended up out of my boots and getting DIRTY, scooping the mud from underneath the front of the truck with my hands. We had a great time and got everybody un-stuck eventually.

I wear this kilt when I'm bumming around the house or when camping, almost exclusively. There is something about the versatility of such a simple garment that lends itself well to being out and about in the boonies.

Video this week might be a little delayed - I'm having trouble working out my schedule to film.

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