Tuesday, January 6, 2015


It is happening. I am going to wear a kilt for 365 consecutive days. I started January 1, 2015 and I'm going all the way to New Years in 2016.

New Years 2015... in 10" of fresh snow.
Oh, right. Hi there. My name is Matt. I've been wearing kilts since 2007. I'm a photographer and a 4x4 adventurist. I live in Flagstaff, AZ where we average 100" of snow each year. I'm of Irish/English descent, but that part doesn't really matter; I'd be wearing the kilt regardless because it is so damn comfy!

I dunno, why not? It's a fun project that keeps me in kilts and keeps me doing fun new things. This is NOT the result of a dare, losing a bet, or any other unfortunate circumstance. I'm just doing it because I like wearing kilts.
This website is where I will post updates from my adventures in the kilts, reviews of the various kilts I am wearing, YouTube videos and other generally awesome kilt-content.

Yup. Pleated skirt made for guys. I have several. You can call it a skirt (all kilts are skirts, but not all skirts are kilts) or a kilt, but if you call it a dress, we might have a problem.

That's the plan. Of course, for work I am occasionally required to climb ladders. On those days, I generally won't wear the kilt at work, but 95% of the time I will be in the kilt all day. The other 5%, I'll be back in the kilt as soon as I'm done with the ladders.

I have Rick to thank for that. He's the guy at Life in a Kilt, and his journey started in 2012 when he turned 50 and decided to wear the kilt for a year. That year has turned into a nearly full-time thing for him and he appears to have had fun during his year and the years since. While I'm not much for "New Years Resolutions," I do like a good project. Documenting my year in a kilt is a project that will keep me amused for the year and will help me learn a thing or two about all things kilt.

Have a suggestion for me to check out? Want to send mea product to review on this site? Drop me an email: kilts@mattbeaty.net


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  1. Nice to see another kilt blog. I enjoy reading about the experiences of others wearing a kilt as daily wear. I too wear a kilt a lot but because of work I make it kilted 50% of the time. I could probably wear one every day at work but I have been there for a very long time and to start now would raise some eyebrows. Sometimes it is better to fly under the radar. I will wear on to work every now and then and for special occasions, work dinners, etc. I have a blog also but I am not much of a writer so it does not get updated that often (kiltedjourney.blogspot.com). I will make it a point to follow your blog. Best of luck.