Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week Two - How to Stay Warm in the Kilt

It's been a little chilly this week, so I figured I would cover how I stay warm in the kilt, even when it's zero degrees and snowing.
  • Wear your heaviest kilt. Big 16oz 8 yard kilts work great for this.
  • HUGE socks! Ok, so technically you're supposed to call them "kilt hose" but they are big socks and they do a huge part of the heavy lifting keeping your legs warm. If needed, roll them up over your knees.
  • Fabric under the kilt. I use a sarong or a couple yards of thicker plaid fabric. Works great to keep your thighs and... unmentionables toasty warm.
This week's video:


  1. I live in south west Ohio so we get snow and cold weather sometimes below zero F. I found keeping the upper body warm when wearing a kilt is a must. I can take a little cold around the knees that way. Speaking of the "are you cold" comments I am always amazed at how guys in kilts get that comment from women but they don't say the same thing to another woman even in a mini skirt in the same weather. For example, I was in the grocery store in March a couple years ago. Here in Ohio it is starting to warm up. This day it was in the low 40's, no wind, sunny sky. I was in a wool kilt (13 oz wool, 8 yards), wool kilt socks, and a heavy jacket warmer than what was needed for the low 40's. Behind me as a young lady in her 20's wearing a mid thigh mini skirt, no leggings, 8" boots, and a light jacket. Up walked a lady I would guess to be in her 60's. She looked at me, and I know she noticed the girl, and said to me "aren't you cold?" What the !!! What about the chick behind me? She had to be freezing. I was getting hot in all that wool and heavy jacket. I start getting that comment when the temperature is in the 50's around here. Good video!

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