Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Tie with the Kilt

I don't often wear a tie, or necessarily dress "fancy" with the kilt. On those occasions when I do dress it up, I prefer to use an "alternative" tie knot to the standard single windsor that is so commonplace. To me, it almost seems like people have rather forgotten that there are other knots they can use!

Here is an example from last week's Fancy Friday at my place of work.

The knot here is an example of the Eldridge knot. It's a bit more complex than the knot you learned as a boy, but you'll get far more compliments on it because of that.

The rest of the outfit includes the waistcoat (vest), jacket, beret, hose, flashes, etc. The only thing I am still missing from my "fancy" kilt outfit is a proper pear of dress shoes... which I have either managed to misplace or destroy since I last looked for them.

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